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We believe in putting intelligence to work and strive to create innovative software. This makes our approach uniquely framed and helps craft the best solutions for our clients. Our proven expertise in technology and learning zeal to always stay ahead in today"s competitive market. Our teams armed with all the technical know-how and state-of-the-art infrastructure provide our customers with all the solutions related to software development. We have a proven track record of delivering the best technical solutions to the offshore clients that outsource various tasks requiring varying degrees of skills on a wide spectrum of technologies.

Having accomplished a reputed position in software development industry, we boast of possessing some of the finest talents available today. Our core strength is our focused, talented and highly motivated team of professionals that has brought us the glory of being one of the best service providers in the industry.

Given the quality assurance measures and technical expertise, no wonder why our clientele sees unmatched growth on a daily basis. The key as we identify is to "Never compromise on quality and keep the acceptance standards high" while serving our customers despite our solutions being very reasonably priced.

Product Development

Virtual Employee Online provides end-to-end solutions to development of independent products for its clients. A continual emphasis on quality of the software in addition to the development of software by our skillful team of developers leads to the best software products. Our target factors while we develop your products are tendency to deliver defect free software with no time overruns and budget overruns. Another key point that goes along is meeting users" expectations and building low maintenance software by having an optimized development and engineering process in place.

At each step of the product development, such as requirement gathering, feasibility analysis, designing, coding, testing, and implementation, we keep monitoring the progress and quality of the work and those who are working on the product. This is to ensure that the client gets the best value for money and we continue building our reputation worldwide owing to the efforts our teams put in.

Our acceptance standards remain high and our goals are very much focused towards our clients" needs. Successful emergence of the software product we build involves our close collaboration with our clients.

Custom Software Development

There is a wide spectrum of possible solutions that Virtual Employee Online is capable of delivering to its clients. Our delighted customers satisfactorily rely on our work involving building, organizing and maintenance of their software applications. We achieve this owing to our specialized skills in the area of personalized software development.

Our team with a continual zeal to learn is always on a journey of learning and that is why we boast of always working on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. Of course, this has been always possible due to our sound understanding of the clients" specific requirements and our eagerness to meet them with the best of our efforts in the minimal budget requirement.

There are numerous areas in the custom software development that we cater to. These areas are client/server applications, distributed systems, component based development, cross platform development, high-end enterprise applications, embedded systems, wireless development, RFID and EPC development, e-Business applications, Unix/Linux development and NET and Java based applications. We also specialize in integration and orchestration of the distributed application along with successful maintenance of legacy systems deployed at clients using Web services.

VOIP Development

We offer various VOIP development services to keep your organization"s infrastructure ready for tomorrow. It is well known that collaboration is key to success in the current business scenario and a well connected communication system is what is required to accomplish the desired level of collaboration within and across the organizations.

We provide various VOIP (Voice Over IP) services such as directory assistance, call conferencing, caller ID services, call waiting, call queuing, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, interactive voice response systems, three-way calling and three-way conferencing and many more. To achieve this an entire family of transmission technologies are employed that ensure that the delivery of voice communication over IP networks remain completely smooth and secure. We also offer solutions related to security of communication systems. Also, if you are calling from a different part of world while your target customers are located elsewhere, you may avail the international contact numbers local to them. This way our services help you maintain, retain and approach your customers thereby cutting out the boundaries from the growth.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

In the rapidly changing business environment and cut throat competition, quality is the most important parameter that is required for the software companies to stay in the competition. We realize this and quality of software deliverables become the most important component when it comes to our prime commitments. In addition to providing the top grade software and web development services, we affirm our products and services through the quality testing services that we offer our clients. Because of the fact that we take due care of quality employing a number of adept quality analyst professionals, our clients are always assured of reliability and consistency. A specialist in the field of Quality Analysis and Testing Services, Virtual Employee Online houses a full time Quality Assurance wing that runs along the clients" development teams, holding the complete responsibility for the quality of the product.

The long persistent success of our clients" business remains our top priority while the intelligently designed dedicated quality assurance process ensures that we achieve the defect-free development and the clients do not need to worry about the quality of software. Virtual Employee Online keeps the focus on end-to-end testing including all the types of testing techniques, such as regression testing, black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, and integration testing. Even while developing software we emphasis on continuous testing, regardless of the development methodology being used. Several clients have led their quality success stories with assistance from Virtual Employee Online. We boast of having delivered major testing and QA deliverables to several clients from many parts of the country as well as abroad. Clients concerned about the quality assurance may comfortably turn up to us and we can guarantee a success in testing aspect of any software project regardless of how large it might be.

Migration and Porting

In the rapid changing businesses of today, many times we see software systems not support the future needs of the business. It requires a lot of time, efforts coupled with technical expertise to make the legacy software forward compatible. The easier solution is carefully performed data migration and porting from older systems to newer or more versatile systems.

We at Virtual Employee Online take the entire responsibility of upgrading or promoting the client"s software and hardware platforms to meet the most recent needs with minimal change in the infrastructure. This is done by specialists in this area who are always watchful about any data loss and possible mismatch between requirements and what is desired. Our migration experts are apt at migrating and porting the data across varying systems and ensure cross platform operability of the data anticipating the future possibilities of further changes too.