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There is another dimension of the logical brains of human being, called creativity. Creativity is the asset that is generally considered to be learned with great enthusiasm, built-in talent, and constant dedication. Application of creativity at work can be best manifested in our creative work and understanding of your brand related needs. We do realize the power of creatively designed multimedia components that characterize your business, its brand and set you a class apart in the plethora of competing businesses.

We understand the ways and processes to create the best elements for catching attention and drawing interest, collaborating and communicating through innovative and creative ideas while building your brand value. As a basic principle we believe that the media components and sites should exhibit the right information about the businesses, at the same time they should be able to draw and maintain attention of the users. Accessibility is another main key point we consider while developing.

The ongoing inflow of ideas and outflow of excellent results make our clients largely depend on us with sheer satisfaction. Our professionals specialize in various multimedia related fields such as digital graphics, flash animation, desktop gaming and entertainment, music editing, movie editing, and 3D modeling.

Website Designing, CSS and XHTML

Virtual Employee Online is at its best when it comes of designing the Websites with utmost creativity while bearing all the other vital elements in mind. These elements include the marketability, usability, and capability of the Web site to actually exhibit the right content before the users. Of course, it is achieved through careful planning and ingenious implementation. Ranging from simpler textual Web sites, blogs, wikis, we cater to building large portals with exhaustive range of required Web site elements.

As a proved technique, the use of CSS (Cascaded Style Sheet) and XHTML enhances the user experience and your site becomes capable of persisting visitors' interest all at the same time. The way we perform the required task, we build the websites that are easy and fast to load, reliable, cross-browser compatible, and optimized with good search engine rankings.

Precision in all the designing techniques we use is just about unique and that is why we are constantly able drive the Website designing work with perfection.

Logo and Corporate Identity Designing

For all the businesses it's the trust and reputation that counts for the success. We at Virtual Employee Online strive to help you build an identity that in turn leads to reputation for your business. We design and create vibrant and attractive logos for our clients. It is our responsibility to frame your corporate identity and the way we shape it helps you beat competition. As a result your brand ends up outshining various other players in the same market domain. We do realize the importance of a relevant and catchy brand image.

Impulsive logos and brand images work wonders in securing an important position in the market for your organization. We provide all kinds of logos, letterheads, business cards, brochures, business forms, signage and all kinds of graphically designed material that our clients may need. Cost effectiveness coupled with quality of service help us keep our clientele ever growing. Our creativity and determination to deliver only the best results in the generation of best graphics for our clients. We have achieved a matured model in form of shaped processes and techniques that are utilized by our team of experts to give the desired effects for your organization's distinctiveness and market presence.

Graphics and Flash

Virtual Employee Online stands as a trusted service provider in the field of website development and multimedia services. Our skilled developers, designers and animators build your websites such that they are of immense interest to the large userbase. Counting on the services provided by us, your website represents you and your company and works as representatives. The distinctiveness we impart in our work makes your sites easily distinguished from other companies.

We are specialists in the area of customization of websites. Development of attractive flash based designs and animations in addition to their integration with your websites make your website very interactive and much more user friendly than any others. The originality and artistic looks of the designs make your websites prettier, easier to user and keep the visitors recurring.

Video Editing

In the current age digital multimedia has come to a stage where it has become a passion for many. At Virtual Employee Online, we provide you with the best offerings in the field of video editing by taking up task of arrangement, re-arrangement and modification of videos from various footages and clippings as per the requirements of our clients.

Our Video Editing services are of high quality and superior. Regardless of the sizes and bulk of projects, we continually deliver the best video editing services. We have been catering all sizes of organizations, big, medium and small companies, in India and abroad.

Format conversion from one format to other, and representation of best information to be presented to the viewers is the aim that is kept in mind while editing the videos for our clients. Original work and innovative ideas along with inclusion of the best-fit technologies keep our clients satisfied and delighted with our work. We specialize in providing ideal solutions for capturing, digitization and programming for gadgets like iPods, mobile devices and television, and for the Internet and DVD, blu-ray production.