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It is a well known fact that is getting more and more connected. No matter where you are and what you are doing, you would like to be connected to your peers, business partners, or customers on a round-the-clock basis. Also, with each day passing the devices are getting more and more compact and that is why mobile development has become a crucial component of the software market as well.

We at Virtual Employee Online, are one of the most promising players in the mobile development services arena. We have been taking swift steps to improving

In a constantly changing world, CIPL adheres as one of the contenders in Mobile Development Services. At an attempt to increase the communication process of the millions today, CIPL has taken swift steps at improving wireless communication facilities for the clients. We believe in infinite possibilities. With each step that we take, we keep in mind our clients needs. We provide custom mobile software development to our clients and our workforce utilizes the latest and most recent technologies in the market.

Over the years CIPL has taken extensive advancements in the sphere of mobile development. We have created software for diverse platforms and branches. Our services are first-class and the benefits are huge. Our clients" needs are vital and we understand and cooperate with them. We create and design high performance applications to suit the clients" needs. We offer value and quality in the services that we provide.

WAP Based Websites

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol,) as the name suggests, is meant for allowing access to information through mobile devices, such as smartphones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) or mobile phones. We possess enormous experience building and maintaining a variety of WAP based Websites. Also, the other media components required for WAP sites are also developed with excellence at Virtual Employee Online. These media components include, optimized images for WAP sites, music and video clips for the WAP sites and compressed animations that run on the WAP sites.

WAP based Websites allow the businesses to reach their customers globally, at any time. Just the way this form of communication helps you explore and exploit your target market, we continue to assist you building and maintaining WAP based Websites.

SMS and MMS integrated Applications

The latest generation businesses heavily rely on broadcasting their business related news, offerings and happenings to their customers, losing no time due to communication delays. Thankfully, this has been achieved by the nifty mobile services like, SMS (Short Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service.) These services are highly reliable, quick and user-friendly because their ease of reading and short sizes. Moreover, they do not get lost from the mobile storage until the users themselves erase them.

Undoubtedly, the SMS integrated applications benefit the businesses and we help our clients utilize the power of notifications through the integration of SMS and MMS into their application. We understand the clients' requirements and assist them make the latest mobile technologies a part of their own infrastructure at the least cost.

Symbian Development

With the increase in the use of mobile phones all the organizations are now working towards being wireless-friendly and thus, more customer friendly. The applications developed for mobile phone and other wireless devices are heavily dependent on the operating systems on the mobile devices. One of the most widely used mobile OS is Symbian OS which is packed up its own set of associated libraries, user interface, frameworks and reference implementations of common tools.

Our technically sound team has vast experience developing the Symbian based applications for various phones, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung etc. Our solutions include all the offerings that any mobile phone related application can be capable of, such as advance messaging feature, call related features, multimedia integration and data, video, and voice connectivity.

Blackberry Development

BlackBerry smartphones and PDA's have a dedicated share of market as on today. Their popularity is keeping on increasing on a daily basis due to their versatility and ease of use for business users. Today, people are connected worldwide very closely and the credit goes to very early player in the smartphone market, BlackBerry. Most users now a days perfer to use their BlackBerry phones for all their small computing needs rather than carrying laptop computers. Although, BlackBerry phones cannot completely replace the need for having computers, they still are a very balanced choice between portability and computing performance.

We at Virtual Employee Online specialize in all the wireless solutions dedicatedly designed for BlackBerry phones, PDAs and other devices. We help you optimize the computing power of BlackBerry phones to the maximum extent that too when you are on the move.

iPhone Development

In the current era when communication and related instruments are rapidly changing, the Apple iPhone has turned up as a revolutionary mobile device. In the world of business and personal mobile computing it has upturned the entire arena of mobile applications. Ever since the inception of Apple iPhone we have been consistently adapting knowledge and skills to apply to the development of iPhone based applications. Similar to other aspects of software development we leverage the same potential and quality to the iPhone based applications to meet clients' needs.

Our iPhone services include social networking applications, geographic location applications, communication and messaging applications, quality assurance and testing, themes and icons applications and rich media applications. We have been constantly working towards contributing more and more to the mobile development since iPhone was released. This has been made possible through a sincere dedication and huge experience our mobile development teams possess.

Windows Mobile Development

In the growing array of various mobile operating systems and devices, the world's leading software vendor, Microsoft has also been active in the wireless industry with its Windows Mobile Operating System for Sm