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It is not only the development of applications but also the maintenance of existing systems that is required for a smooth running IT infrastructure in your organization. We at Virtual Employee Online provide you all the support and maintenance services that fit the exact needs of your existing applications. Be it the legacy software in your organization, or the software we have developed for you, quality and quick response to the support requests and continuous enhancement of the projects, are our qualities that distinguish our work from the rest.

It might be any facet of software development, such as desktop based applications, database support and maintenance, Web application support, wireless application support or just the website support, we are completely equipped with teams of experts and high adaptability with the minimal learning curves to get tuned very quickly to your existing systems.

Application Support and Management

We offer you long-term support and management for your existing and pre-developed software in addition to offering the development and customization services. Whenever required, we improvise the tasks of maintaining and enhancing along with management of simple and complex application development for our customers. We take pride in presenting the fact that our clients never look for solutions from other vendors due to their level of satisfaction with our services.

Quality support, qualified professionals, deep technical foundation and our strong relations with our clients make us an indispensible choice for their development, maintenance and support related requirements. Our expertise in quality assurance too helps us identify and fix defects sometimes even before they surface up and cause damaging effects to our clients' business. This is an important part of the preventive strategies for maintenance of software products. Since we specialize in carrying out end-to-end software life cycle, we take all the responsibility to deploy, test, and install the software before and after it comes to the maintenance phase.

System Administration Support

High availability of apt resources and our tendency to turn up quickly to provide solutions make us the favorite choice for system administration and support required at our clients. We are skilled at maintaining varying levels of complexity of computer networks and systems. Whether it is a LAN (Local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide Area Network) our teams are always prepared and packed with latest tools to troubleshoot and fix the problems that may occur at any time.

Not only the computer systems and networks, we are experts at supporting and maintaining the database servers, storage area networks (SAN, ) Web applications, application servers and many more to avoid any failures or to prevent intruders to break into your information. Our competent team and eager-to-help approach swiftly works towards the fault detection and resolution of problems so that they never occur again.