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Virtual Employee Online has been leading its trail of success in Web development and related fields. We strive to deliver rich Internet solutions in addition to providing quality service to our clients. Our apt team of professionals is well versed in all the related fields, such as Web designing, Web programming, and Web marketing.

Consistency, capability, and command over the latest trends and technologies set us a class apart from our competitors. Also, these qualities keep our focus invariably on delivering the highest quality Web solutions. Regardless of whether it is about working on your Web product, developing a complete solution, or just a quick fix in your existing Web infrastructure, we take up all the challenges and provide timely solutions putting in the cutting-edge technology at work. Technical excellence, discipline, and rich experience that we have, form the unique combination we put to your service. Not only the excellence, we offer you the most reasonable prices for all the Web development requirements you may have.

CMS & Database Driven Apps.

One of the most frequent needs for the organization is to maintain, organize, and manage the information. Internet makes it possible along with several offerings like, global availability, round the clock availability of information on the go, ease of access, and cost-effectiveness. The most popular way of achieving this for your organization is to use as CMS (Content Management System) which facilitates the knowledge management to its optimum. Technically, CMS"s are backed with one or more databases placed at the back end. These databases are vital elements of most of the knowledge management software.

Not only the CMS but most of the application now a days are database driven. This is simply because the databases are the most effective means of storing information till date. We offer you the best solutions for equipping your organization with the best-fit content management systems developed by our professionals. Also, we help you enhance, customize and maintain your existing content management systems as-on-demand basis. In addition to CMS, our other database-driven applications are very efficient per se, in meeting most of your needs. They can be customized to meet your very specific requirements based on our expert Web analysis.

Enterprise Web Apps.

Information Technology is all about sharing and making the most-effective use of information in the quickest way. The Internet has facilitated this by ensuring an all-time availability of the vital information. Thus, the enterprise related tasks that have been done by several people and were slow, expensive, and prone to errors are replaced by what are called Enterprise Web Applications, thanks to evolution of Internet.

We provide you with a wide range of enterprise Web applications to choose from, such as Management Systems, CRM, eHRMS, Print Management, web based ERP, Intranets and Order Management Systems. These innovative Web products can be deployed at your service at the most competitive prices while still maintaining the highest level of quality.

No matter are the intricacies of your organization"s technology requirements, our skillful team follow strictest process to ensure the best ways to analyze your requirements, designing the data layer, data access layer and business layers topped up with the interactively designed user interfaces. This helps us provide you the most suitable applications for your enterprise.

eCommerce Solutions

Rise of Internet era has turned many stones and changed many aspects of business dramatically, all for the good of businesses. Ecommerce has been one of such aspects that have eased the customer interaction facet of businesses. It saves a lot of time and efforts to customers and business both and is very inexpensive as compared to traditional business models. Ecommerce has set up new standards in transacting, such as B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer), and C2C (Customer to Customer.)

The eCommerce solutions designed by us leverage years of experience, research over buying behaviors of customers. We develop and manage eCommerce platforms, auction and bidding systems, highly interactive shopping carts and business forums. Our eCommerce solutions also feature several other important features such as reporting, statistics generation and customer behavior pattern analysis. These all helps you achieve what your business aimed, since the beginning, while you enjoy all the savings and advantage the online business systems offer.

Web 2.0 & RIAs

RIA (Rich Internet Applications) and Web 2.0 are the latest buzzwords in the world of Web. The focus of this new advent of Web is mainly the user as the content and how the application behaves, is largely driven by the users themselves. This results in yielding highly interactive sites while keeping the users as the main contributors of the content.

RIAs enhance typical user experience by offering scalability, ease of use and low cost deployment of the rich Web applicatioins. A typical RIA makes use of all the available goodies like, multimedia contents, music, animations, effective coloring schemes for the user interfaces, and carefully crafted human computer interactions. They also include various newly invented tools such as, social networking portals, wikis, blogs (Weblogs), flex and flash based applications.

We are fully equipped with expert designers and experience developers. The business analysts at Virtual Employee Online also assist development by optimizing the user experience taking into account the ease of use and its impact on popularity of Web sites.

We offer you the RIA and Web2.0 solutions developed using various latest cutting-edge tools and technologies, such as Adobe Flex, Ajax, and Web services offered by other large service vendors, such as Google and Amazon etc.

Social Media & Networking

Ease of availability of information and interactive nature of recent Internet applications has enhanced the way and degree of interaction among all of us. This has been made possible by evolution of social networking on Web. Believe it or not, social networking using the Internet has now become a daily part of activities of millions of users across the countries. While this has shortened the boundaries and accelerated the communication, this has also benefited businesses reaching out to their prospective customers.

Social networks help connect people at virtually no expense by means of various social networking services like, online networking, blogging, e-mails, forums and wikis etc.
Moreover, social networking portals have proved great when it comes to customer relationship management for the companies trying to build the market and looking forward to sell the services and products they offer.

We realize that an effective means of communication and organized information are vital to the success of any business today. Therefore, we have build various social networking solutions to help you reap the maximum advantage of social networks to boost your businesses and exhibit your core strengths ensuring eminent online presence of your businesses.

SaaS & Cloud Computing

We at Virtual Employee Online keep ourselves always ready to deliver what is the hottest in market and what is the best for your business. Our implementations of SaaS (Software as a Service) are the biggest manifestations of this.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been the most recent development in the software development arena and has revolutionized the world of Information Technology.

Lower costs of installations and implementations, almost zero maintenance costs and no additional staff requirements are the benefits that make SaaS applications and cloud computing solutions much preferred over traditional approaches towards Web application development.

Involvement of SaaS in the software industry is now growing at a rapid rate of 25% per annum. We employ team specialized in developing and maintaining SaaS based applications. Also licensing on-demand and utilization trims down operation patches and eases the clients" efforts at furnishing a system with each and every Web application.